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Welcome to My World.. We all start out the same way - reach in dreams and nothing more.My art is an act of the soul, not the intellect. It is a search for the beauty which escapes explanation… it appears in moments of loneliness when I'm bound to creation, living like ivy, permanently entwined and wrapped around it until death. It is a trace of happiness, a small moment of joy, a shadow which follows me along my trail… a message that some never seem to discover. I rejoice and gaze in wonder at things over which I have no control… I often have to stop painting and wonder whether I shall ever be able to repeat some moments appearing under my brush. And then, dreams appear again, and everything is extolled and gently suffused by moonlight. I never went to art school. I myself didn't have anybody to encourage me to do art... I just loved it to death and wanted to do it from deep down inside.

Many times, I tried to resist the urge due to suffering money problems or not feeling I was good enough... comparing myself with others and, so on... but then, I found I just couldn't resist and, would always return back to studying doing art, again and again. In the end, I just accepted that 'art is really just a part and parcel of my soul... in other words, there's absolutely no escaping from it. So, why even bother to try...?! I found what I love on my own, and when I find new techniques, I try them out and see where my skills can improve and what I can do with it. The more I drive myself into the depth of my inside, the more things come up to my vision, visibly or invisibly... I even do not know if I am seeing them with my eye or with my mind. I just need to copy them on my canvases. But this mental process is always overwhelming. I often have hard time to deal with my emotion on this state. You could call this depression on surface? But actually, so many 're-birth' and 'reform' are going on my thoughts, inspiration, philosophy... etc in the underwater. I believe this struggle make my art real. My art always comes from my emotion. I think whatever the past training, an artist is always learning; always bettering skills, trying something different, and challenging oneself. It's part of the creative drive and seriously fun. I believe that no matter how you start on your journey.