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She colored the world with her extraordinary voice that sounded as if she had already lived through it all. You can tell by her lyrics and the pain in her voice that everyday truly was a struggle. A struggle to love herself, to accept love, and of course as we all know, a struggle with addiction. I will be forever grateful that she shared her gift with us, but forever saddened that I will never hear anything new or ever see her live.And ... I never thought that I would feel what I felt on that day when the radio news informed about Amy's passing. I felt that I lost a dearest friend. Well I was under the impression there's something terribly wrong with this day, and she should be brought back to life ... at least, with colors ... so I painted this picture in one breath using a very poor color palette and rose petals from my mother's garden.




© Zeljko Masic | | Site by ZMT-ART


Oil on canvas 40x35 cm

He left no time to regretKept his dick wetWith his same old safe betMe and my head highAnd my tears dryGet on without my guyYou went back to what you knewSo far removed from all that we went throughAnd I tread a troubled trackMy odds are stackedI'll go back to blackWe only said goodbye with wordsI died a hundred timesYou go back to herAnd I go back to...I go back to usI love you muchIt's not enoughYou love blow and I love puffAnd life is like a pipeAnd I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside...